‘Why We Broke Up’ By Daniel Handler [Book Review]

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This book piqued my curiosity as soon as I saw it being promoted on social media. No wonder, I actually bought a copy of it when I went to a nearby bookstore just a few days after.

It is a beautiful book, literally. My copy is hardbound, and the pages are glossy. I must say, the material is perfect for its kind. It’s full of illustrations, after all. Sure, these pictures are among the things I love about this book.

Min Green, the narrator, gathers things that are important in the development of her recently-concluded relationship with Ed Slaterton. She puts all of them in a box, which she plans to send to her ex. She also writes a letter to accompany the items.

The said letter explains why they broke up.

How does she do this? Simple: She uses each of the things inside the box to address him (Ed) and at the same time tell their story which, I think, is interesting.

While the novel is not that moving content-wise (or maybe I am just too old for such a thing), I find its storytelling process very interesting. I also appreciate the fact that the narrator’s voice seems so authentic and sincere, which somehow helps me accept things no matter how cheesy and cliché they are.

I was stupid, the official descriptive phrase for happy.

Plus, I like how it paints a picture of young love: exciting, lovely, painful, and somehow foolish. (Hello, poor decisions made for love!)

But of course, foolishness is part of the learning process.

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