‘Rich People Problems’ By Kevin Kwan [Book Review]

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Image: Rakuten Kobo

I was so excited to read this book since I really enjoyed “Crazy Rich Asians” and “China Rich Girlfriend.” And while I can say that this one’s still a fun read, I have to be honest that I also have some issues with it.

I think these issues begin with my observation that the plot seems hurried. It feels like the author had a lot in mind while writing the novel. I don’t know, maybe felt some kind of pressure, since it’s already the third installment of the story of Nick and Rachel, as well as their crazy rich families and friends.

One of the major issues I’ve had is how the character of Kitty Pong is used throughout the book. At first, she just seems so bitchy, always trying to prove herself in a world where she badly wants to belong. She also wants to outdo her new husband’s daughter, which is no surprise because Colette herself is another little brat.

However, Kitty suddenly turns into a hero toward the end of the book. Instead of splurging on mindless purchases, she invests a huge sum of money in Tyersall Park, hence helping it toward salvation. Sure, one can always say that she’s always had a good heart but has just been pushed by her circumstances to make not-so-good decisions but I would like to see more of that implied, even subtly, through her interactions with people around her. I would like to know a deeper part of her that could convince me that her heroic move isn’t really forced to have such a pleasant ending.

Yet, like what I said earlier, I still consider it a fun book. And it was worth my time. Having followed the trilogy, I became so invested in their lives and hilarious adventures. It was also nice to have a peek at their activities as crazy rich Asians.

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