‘Kafka On The Shore’ By Haruki Murakami [Book Review]

kafka on the shore haruki murakami penguin books australia
Image: Penguin Books Australia

If you are the kind of person who wants to know everything—as in every little detail of all the things—this book may not be for you.

In this novel, there is more to knowing facts and being familiar with every aspect of them. Here, there are some things that are better left unsaid. Yet, that does not mean you can no longer understand what’s going on. You may not be able to put things into words, but in time, if not right away, you will be able to make sense of why things take place.

Just like in the case of Kafka Tamura, there are some things you would still understand even if you do not hear the exact answers to your questions. Then, no matter how blurred things may be at first, you will eventually realize that such truth (or if it really is), can suffice.

Anyway, regardless of these things, this book will surely let your mind wander. With all the magic it has, you’ll definitely have a reading experience that’s worth all the time in the world.

In fact, even if you look at the story and its premise from the perspective of a fictionist or a creative writing grad, the story still stands out due to its delicate and clever crafting. Despite the absurdity and the oddness of some of its scenes, setups, and characters, it does not seem to come from anywhere. The twists and turns are set up properly, and there is enough foreshadowing of things that are bound to happen — something only great and knowledgeable storytellers can do.

And of course, apart from how it’s crafted, its ability to provoke insights and masturbate the mind is also commendable.

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