‘Bird Box’ By Josh Malerman [Book Review]

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Image: Amazon

I first learned about this book while listening to an episode of a podcast called “All The Books” sometime in 2017. It was a scary book, according to the hosts, so it immediately piqued my curiosity.

The book is about Malorie and her unique journey to the unknown in a post-apocalyptic setting. She is a young mother that seems to be hiding in a house with her kids. Now here’s the twist: they aren’t supposed to open their eyes outside. There is something there that causes death, although they do not what exactly. This is why they need to wear blindfolds when getting water from the nearby lake.

Eventually, Malorie musters enough courage to leave the said hiding place with her children. Blindfolded, they try to walk and sail on a small boat, hoping to find a safe place. And, I kid you not, their journey is so frightening.

Overall, I had a great time reading this book. It’s a real page-turner, with its gripping and clever narrative. I like how developed its characters are and how their motives are used to create additional layers of conflict that make the novel even more suspenseful.

I already saw the movie adaptation and while I had fun watching it, I can say that the novel is still better.

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